Sunday, 2 September 2012

Discourses in Disgust

Following on from my previous post about Treasure Island Media's forthcoming film, Slammed, readers may find this post (warning: NSFW) by Director Liam Cole of particular interest.  He challenges the comments made on The Sword blog (quoted in my last post):

'His post contains an image from the SLAMMED trailer, showing a muscular man holding a hypodermic. He must have gone through frame-by-frame to get this. It’s on-screen for less than one-thirtieth of a second and is barely perceptible at normal speed. Probably I should be angry that he’s making un-substantiated accusations about the guys in SLAMMED, but they’re big lads and not easily offended. Personally, I’m just stoked that someone is intrigued enough by my trailer to forensically dissect it. Maybe because I’m a fan of The Conversation and Blow Up (look them up, youngsters).'

Curiouser and curiouser said Alice.  It's certainly the case that the Cole narrative - in response to online speculation - clearly positions the film within the TIM canon and adds important context which was lacking in initial reports.  The only thing left is to watch the film and make our own minds up.   It's released September 5th.

UPDATE - TIM have also now published a response to my original blog post.  The response was emailed to me late last night (BST) and can be read here (warning - the images around the post are NSFW).

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