Thursday, 8 November 2012

Obscentiy Lawyer is Junior Lawyer of the Year 2012

Yes, I've been far too slow getting to a story that I'm sure many of you are already aware of.  Nonetheless, it seemed important to still mark the occasion.

The brilliant, kind and now, award-winning, Myles Jackman (aka @ObscenityLawyer) of Hodge, Jones & Allen LLP, walked away with the Junior Lawyer of the Year Award at the Law Society bash last month.  

Myles has forged a reputation through his obscenity work, and the high-profile cases of Peacock, Walsh (which I was involved with in a tiny tiny way), and the 'Tiger Porn' case.  I have found him to have a deep and sophisticated understanding of sexuality, legal theory and human rights.    That sounds a little bit patronising, but what I mean to say is that he's a guy who brings an awful lot to the practise of law and that depth of understanding benefits his work and his clients.   Undergraduate law students seeking to undertake a career in the law, should perhaps consider the long-term benefits of the broader, more liberal-arts subjects as part of their studies alongside narrower vocational subjects.

Myles also appears in the Law Society Gazette today reflecting on his 'legal life', and the short piece is well worth a read.  His closing remarksshould be reflected upon by all law students:  'If you want to be a lawyer but are not sure what to do, be a corporate lawyer.  If you have a calling – a vocation – be a legal aid lawyer.'

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