Monday, 10 December 2012

The Sex Booth Commeth

You may recall a story back in 2010 of plans for 'sex boxes' in Switzerland.  I think I even blogged on it but I can't for the life of me find the post.  Anyway, the 'boxes' were essentially three screens which you would drive into with a sex worker, providing a discreet space for a sexual rendezvous within the Red Light District (see the picture on the right of a similar screen in Germany).  Marvellous progressiveness I thought and that was that.  Only, here we are, two years on and finally it seems, Zurich will be introducing the booths with effect from next year.

It's reported that 'Zurich’s social welfare department will ban prostitution in certain parts of the city, making it only legal to solicit sex in the allotted “sex booths” that will posses parking spaces, as well as alarm buttons, in case Johns get too carried away. Employee’s of the public sex industry will have to register with a health insurer and also buy a $5 ticket per night in order to accept customers.'

It's an interesting move to control street prostitution and improve public health both for sex workers and punters.  Definitely one to watch - and one does wonder whether there will be booth 'capacity' issues.

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jemima101 said...

I have a wait and see approach to this one, it might help, it might mean street workers feel further margenalized, and knowing nothing about attitudes in Switzerland whether is might deter some clients.

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