Thursday, 3 January 2013

Bathhouse Videos

A hat-trick of thanks to the Bathhouse Blog as they are also responsible for this post.  One of the great challenges I face when teaching students about the phenomenon of public sex, is explaining the physical dynamics of these spaces.  Grupo Pases (a Spanish Sauna group) have produced a series of videos for their venues which offer a (albeit glossy) insight into their spaces.  Ignore the 'party' videos but take a look at the others - they are really useful, and are comparable to UK sauna spaces.  They are pretty safe viewing too although expect lots of bare bums on show, and a surprise amount of friendly contact.  The backing music choices are inspired.  Check them out here.

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Anonymous said...

What's interesting about some of these videos (particularly this one: is that it features regular men, rather than muscle-bound visions of stereotypical male beauty. Coming from the States, that's something you would NEVER see.

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