Friday, 11 January 2013

Essex Named Gay-Cruising Capital Of The UK

It's the weekend and you might be wondering about possible day trip destinations.  You might be an overseas reader thinking about a potential holiday to the UK and wondering which delightful parts of this green and pleasant land that you should stop by.  Essex may apparently feature prominently if cruising is your thing.

Queerty report that (in what I suspect is a bid to drum up Internet traffic) have stated that the cruising pages for Essex are their most popular pages, and thus they conclude it is the randiest place in the UK.  I'm not sure about that but it does reveal the continued popualarity of cruising listings, and interest in public sex.  The Queerty report also features a quote from Galop - a charity I admire and respect greatly - but their advice is a little misleading, as it doesn't take account of the specific statutory offence of sex in a public toilet.  The presence of the Police in public sex locations (where men may find themselves stopped) may also be in response to pro-active policing in relation to other offences - anti-social behaviour more broadly, car thefts, drug dealing etc.  I'm afraid I am therefore much less reassuring to would-be practitioners of public sex!

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