Thursday, 6 September 2007

BBC Four Gay Season

BBC Four is having a "gay season" all this week like channel 4 did earlier in the summer. It's interesting that the anniversary of Wolfenden has been relegated to a digital channel rather than say BBC2. Anyway, BBC Four are also hosting a debate page where people can post their comments. Everyone who is concerned about this season seems obsessive about having homosexuality "shoved down their throats". I for one find that particular mental image hilarious. Here are three of the negative comments:

"This behaviour may seem normal to you in the media, and the BBC in particular, but it isn't to most normal human beings. I wish you would not shove it down our throats.David J Bartlett, Edlington. Lincolnshire"

"I find the very notion of homosexuality to be, in the plainest words, unnatural. I have already written to the BBC about the trailer, TWICE. If people want to be gay, go ahead, but in agreement with Mr Bartlett, I don't need it shoved down my throat.William Slater, Leeds"

"I find the trail offensive and highly explicit. Yes it is the 21st century, but homosexuality should not be shoved down our throats, particularly when we are paying the licence fee. As a 21-year-old Christian, why not focus on this lifestyle for once, and stop 'racist' attitudes towards Christianity! Gemma Saunders, St Albans"

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