Monday, 10 September 2007

Cameron Strikes Back

Well almost as a reply to my earlier response on the Tories - David Cameron has come out as a supporter of civil partnerships and argued they should be recognised as a form of marriage commenting: "To those who think, even in 21st century Britain, that commitment and responsibility cannot be embraced by all, I say: you will not find a stronger supporter of marriage but why not also recognise the commitment that gay couples make to each other in civil partnerships?" he said. "That's modern Conservatism." The full story is in the Pink Paper at: Interestingly, the Tories are also the first political party to start advertising on PinkNews. It's perhaps revealing that the banner is an image of Cameron, apparently working. The biggest problem the Tories face on issues of human rights and sexuality is the fact that people seem to be unconvinced that the party beyond Cameron is changing. I really don't see why they don't get give greater profiles to out Tory frontbenchers like Alan Duncan.

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