Saturday, 19 January 2008

GT Escorts

It is less than one month after Harriet Harman, the Secretary of State for Equalities and Minister for Women (amongst her many jobs) went on the BBCs Today programme congratulating MEN Media (Part of the Guardian Media Group) on deciding to stop publishing classified escort/sauna and massage adverts in the back of their local papers.

Yet the February issue of GT (Gay Times), just published, includes and advert for launching in February 2008 which will allow you to view '100's of escorts online'. If ever a timely story showed how out of touch the Government's approach to sex work is, this does. I really don't have an issue with these sites or these adverts. I just wish the Governemnt would be up front, honest and grown up in its sex work policy. I'm sure GT would point out that these adverts are just for 'escorts' but as many of the linked profiles suggest, that often includes a little more than a chat over coffee. I have an article due to be published in the New Law Journal in the next couple of weeks that will further explore this issue.

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