Saturday, 19 January 2008

Huckabee: Preacher for President?

Folksy Mike Huckabee became the talk of the media and western chattering classes in the last month after sweeping to victory in the Iowa caucuses. This week he further demonstrated his preacher credentials in declaring he wanted the constitution amended so as to ban abortion and gay marriage plus return school prayer to American schools. The McLaughlin Group discussed him at length this week and ultimately seemed to reach a consensus (unusually!) that Huckabee would be neither the Presidential candidate or Republican nominee. Good news, but the fact that this guy is even talked about in a western society is something of a mystery to us crazy Europeans. As I've blogged several months ago, I really hope Obama gets both the nomination and the presidency. His election would be good for both America and the world. The only prediction I would make is that if the Democrats go for Clinton and the Republicans McCain, I think the Republicans have a strong chance of keeping hold of the White House.

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