Friday, 22 February 2008

Get Over It!

I first spotted this story on Pink News and then read the original story in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph. One of 600 billboard adverts questioning homophobia in schools that have been displayed across the country has been attacked by vandals.The poster in the town of Blackburn, was "covered in abusive graffiti," the Lancashire Telegraph reports.

When you actually look at a picture of the graffiti it consists of the word 'no'. Hardly radical stuff you might think and I really question why this has become a major media issue. I despair when I read a Gay Police Association rep calling this hate crime. All that said, I'm also mindful of what would be said in Blackburn if the graffiti was racist - there would be an uproar. My conclusion is not that we must therefore get exercised over this act of vandalism but rather that perhaps we should all just ease up a little!

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