Friday, 22 February 2008

Same Sex Marriage and Australia

The global debate around gay marriage continues. Pink News reports: Greens senator Kerry Nettle introduced a Valentines Day marriage equality bill to the new Australian parliament calling for recognition of overseas same-sex marriages and the ability to allow local ones.Her party leader, Bob Brown, has united with Liberal Australia Capital Territory (ACT) senator Gary Humphries to condemn the new government's attitudes to the Territorial Government's civil partnerships legislation.

I was in Australia at the time of the General Election last year and whilst there felt a general sense of optimism there did not seem the mass feeling of a 'new dawn' that a similar shift to Labour did in the UK back in 1997. The current Australian government has also seen fairly timid as far as social issues are concerned and from my (very!) limited knowledge of the mood 'down under' I suspect gay marriage may be some time off.

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