Thursday, 8 May 2008

Am I Normal?

No I wasn't asking you. lol. This was the title of a BBC 2 show earlier this week which I've finally got round to watching. The programme was presented by Dr Tanya Byron and included a consideration of public sex in the form of dogging and cottaging. It included a couple of interviews with a cottager and a dogger. Both male and both interesting but the spin that seemed to be put on it by Byron was "the things I do for fame". Moreover, her general conclusion was that everyone was a little unhinged because of childhood experiences. Given she only interviewed two people and failed to take account of any of the research on public sex it was frankly shoddy. It's a shame as she did seem genuinely interested and did try to be objective for the most part and avoided being overly sensationalistic. It's a shame she didn't make greater use of the research and expertise of the academics who work in this field.

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