Sunday, 4 May 2008

Mystress Saffron and Bad Journalism

The News of the World is reporting today on a school teacher who also leads a life as 'Miss Saffron'. The story publishes a photograph taken from her website (which she appears to have now taken down). The general gist of the story is, "cor look at her and all that but isn't it a disgrace she's a school teacher'. It smacks of the usual NOTW double standards accompanied by smug school boy sniggers. I can't help but think that the teacher involved her is having her life ripped utterly apart in the name of careless journalism. Her private appears to have had absolutely no impact upon her job and if she performs that satisfactorily what she does with her private life must surely be her own affair.

I used to be a school governor at a primary school and I would have had no hesitation in supporting this teacher. I hope her school and head will ride out this tide of publicity and not seek to remove or undermine her because of this story and/or her private life.

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Mrs Patter said...

I have worked with Faith and she is an excellent teacher and her private life was never mentioned. It is a terrible country we live in if a womans life is degraded publically just for a cheap rag of a newspaper's sales. Shame on the "pal" who sold this story. Good luck Faith XXXX

whocares said...

It is exactly that bad journalism she has taught two of my children she is an excellent teacher and what she does with her private life is exactly that PRIVATE, it does not effect her work. She gets my full support.

whocares said...

As a parent of a pupil in her class and she has taught my daughter before too i would say she is an excellent teacher, what she does in her private life is exactly that private.

Anonymous said...

This is ridciculous. Yes the NOTW is terrible when it comes to journalism, but and its a big but few people want their children taught by someone working in the sex industry.

This does not appear to be someone enjoying their private life but rather someone who has crossed the line into the world of the sex industry.

I base this on what appears to be a quote from her site

"I do charge less than other Pro Dommes as I am working from my home with limited but adaptable furniture," she says.

Many people work honestly and openly in the sex industry and pay their taxes on the income from it - did she?

Not Bothered . . . said...

Miss Hamilton is a lovely teacher and is very open and honest with the children and parents , Myself and my daughter and im sure other parents and children miss her very much. what Miss Hamilton doe's outside the school hours and in her private time is of no concern to me , and from what the artical says doe's not bother me either ,.
Miss Hamilton doe's not bring her work into school , as i have stated above she is a good teacher and has helped my daughter tremendously since she started in her class this year. I do hope that Miss Hamilton returns to school very soon and carries on as normal .

Anonymous said...

I myself have worked with this lady,and have remained friends since. I can say with hand on heart i would have no problem with Faith teaching my children. She is a wonderful teacher, who has a lot of time and patients for children, and who strives every day to support children and their learning.
What happens out of school is our choice, faiths private life has never had any effect on her teaching what so ever. Everyone has a right to a private life, and we all have our own personal views regarding others. But this does not give anyone the right to ruin someone else's career because we don't agree with what they do in there own time.
I feel it is an out rage that some sleazy journalist can ruin a persons life like this, i hope he/she never has to go through what Faith is going through now.
Just remember.. what goes around comes around.
Faith, if you read these comments, you will realise that all your TRUE friends support you, and love you for who you are. The educational system has lost a fantastic teacher.

Sarah Coleman said...

Faith has been teaching my son this year, not only has she done wonders with him, she has also helped me, help him!

Now because of some STUPID person, Faith has now left the school, with has left my son broken hearted!

Faith please if you are reading this PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come back, nobody cares what you do behind closed doors, and all the parents are right behind you and wont to support you taking your role back with on the school.

You are a fab teacher, who the kids love and adore.

Dont let this change your life!!

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