Thursday, 1 May 2008

Cruiser's Condom Kills Cow

Well so reports the Pink Paper this week. According to the site: 'A cow has died in agony after eating a discarded condom in a popular Gloucestershire cruising spot. The animal’s digestive system failed when the used rubber became entwined in its gut, forcing a vet to terminate the Hereford Cross’ life.' The story goes on to state that Condoms and other related litter, such as lube sachets, sex magazines and even clothing, are repeatedly left in the area and that now talks are taking place between Gloucestershire Constabulary and a number of interested parties such as Cotswold District Council, National Trust, English Heritage and sexual health workers. I'm pleased to see that such a coalition has been brought together to look at this and I hope it will mean that sensible and pragmatic solution will be found. After all, if a cow had choked on some litter left by one of the walkers who according to the site, also use this they would not be closely monitored by police. Instead, alternative strategies would be deployed to provide the walkers with somewhere to dispose of their rubbish and campaigns would be developed to persuade them from dropping litter.

I continue to be struck by the instances of cruising/cottaging stories that dominate the gay media. This remains a phenomena that affects our lives.

I also blogged earlier in the week about Public Sex Environments and provided citations to some of my work in this area. You can view that post here.

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