Sunday, 11 May 2008

With friends like these...

Lord Levy (aka Lord Cashpoint) appeared on the Andrew Marr Show this morning and his lawyers must have been rushed to A&E as he made a series of rather unhelpful comments from the perspective of the Labour Party. His new book has been serialised in the Daily Mail and the story that has proven a gift to satirists is the story that European Commissioner and former Cabinet Minister Peter Mandelson spent a period of time alleging hat Brown was gay. Given Mandelson is gay it seems a curious rumour. The spin that Levy seems to have put on it is that it was to do damage to Brown but it seems equally fair that Mandelson was just thinking out loud. In any case it perhaps demonstrates the importance sexuality still has in political circles. Can we have a gay PM?

Poor Gordon...According to the Cherie Blair diaries (which are also out soon and current being serialised) Brown is still getting advice from Blair. The below clip would seem to support this! We're doomed!

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