Monday, 13 October 2008

Return of the Gay Mafia?

Lance Price has written an excellent little piece in The Guardian today. The former Blair Spin Doctor has found a fresh angle on the Mandelson return. He notes a cliamte of homophobia within the media surrounding the return of both Peter Mandelson and Nick Brown in the last reshuffle. They formed aprt of what the Sun called 'a gay mafia' ten years ago. My starting point was to disagree with Price and put it down simply to Mandelson being such a hated figure but Price cosntructs a persuasive argument (but then he was a communications chief!) that points to our subtle forms of homophobia. As a proud owner of a 'Bring Back Mandy' Mug which has adorned my office desk for some years I'm just glad to see its value go up in this time of financial instability.

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