Monday, 13 October 2008

Swindon Police in Sex Work Crack Down

I was struck by a story in the Swindon Advertiser last week that reported the Police were going to be recording number plates spotted curb crawling in an attempt to clamp down on street prostitution. I have highlighted the current focus on tackling 'visible' sex work in a number of papers over the last year and will be further speaking on the subject in Sydney later this year. The current strategy of the UK government is not, as they say in public, or as the tone of this article suggests to tackle sex work. It is to tackle specific forms of sex work, namely those with visibility to the general public. You can read an early article on this at Ashford, C (2008) 'Sex Work in Cyberspace: Who Pays the Price?', 17(1) Information & Communications Technology Law, 37.

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