Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Durex Recession Proof?

As I munched away at my cornflakes yesterday I was confronted by a giant mountain of multi-coloured condoms. You'll be relieved (if you pardon the phrase) to know that it was a giant picture in the Guardian relating to a story about Durex. The full story can't be linked to as it's not on the Guardian website for some reason, but essentially it's that Durex is fighting of the signs of the recession thanks to brand awareness and people apparently bonking their way through the economic gloom. Profits are up 30%! (this really does seem like a Carry On plot). 1 billion condoms will be produced by SSL's (Durex) new China factory in one year. The group plans to launch further lines - including a clothing range. One of the most surreal moments as a students union welfare officer was Pasante (another condom company) contacting me asking if I'd like to see a demonstration of their products. Now that's how you boost sales.

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Sarah Harrison said...

You can't blame people - its cheap and occassionally cheery!!!!

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