Monday, 22 February 2010

Netting a Mum and the Manmercial

The weekend papers had quite a few gender and sexuality stories (still need to read some) but one that caught my eye was about Mumsnet. This is the website that describes itself as 'by parents for parents' and it's increasingly been seen as a key player in the UK General election - giving access for politicos to a key demograph and a space that enables 'mums' to come together. It's probably be seen as sometimes a bit closer to Cameron's Tories (members get a 10% discount at Boden apparently) but as it is a collection of individuals it would be wrong to suggest the 'group' has a political leaning, rather it reflects the middle class nature of a group that log on and share info/ask for advice about being a mum (as opposed to Jeremy Kyle). Crucially, it is just about the Mum. What about Dads? That's the question that the Sunday Times asked this weekend and you can read what Matt Rudd found here.

From mums to Dad's and their hetero manliness. I've previously blogged on a recent Lynx advert and this morning I came across a US ad for 'Old Spice' (does anyone really still buy this?). It brightened up my Monday morning and made me laugh. Take a look and see what you think of this 'manmercial' below.

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