Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Advancing Sexuality Study Course Materials

I've been meaning to flag up this resource that was brought to my attention last month. It's a short course with free materials on advancing sexuality produced by They describe their purpose/mission below and the site is a brilliant resource - packed with info that any student of sexuality will find of great value.

The course can be accessed here.

' is a website for people engaged in the study of human sexuality – researchers, teachers, students and those working in the field. Our aim is to provide a hub for the community of people working in this area to interact, share information and engage critically with key questions concerning sexuality studies.

The site is the product of an ongoing project to develop an international short course in sexuality theory and research methodologies.

The Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society in collaboration with the International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society has been given a grant by the US based Ford Foundation to develop this course which will have a focus on HIV/AIDS, and sexual and reproductive health and will be delivered in developing countries.

The project seeks to fill a significant gap in sexuality education offered at an advanced level in the developing world. The final course will target academics, researchers, research policy managers and other professionals working in HIV/AIDS and related sexual and reproductive fields.

The proposed short course aims to stimulate key players in various countries to ‘shift gears’ in relation to their countries’ understandings of their sexual cultures, sexuality issues, and research responses. Eventually it is hoped that such training will make a significant impact on sexuality research and policy globally. The project consists of four phases, which will roll out over approximately four years:

  1. a scoping and feasibility study
  2. curriculum and resource development
  3. piloting and evaluation
  4. roll-out of final course.

Personnel working on the project in Melbourne are: Prof. Gary Dowsett and Dr Sean Slavin.
This website is one of the first products of the project.

Web development and design by Paul Kidd. Stock images used on this site from istockphoto. Creative Commons licensed icons by The use of images on this site should not be taken to imply anything about the sexuality of individuals in those images, except where explicitly indicated.'

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