Monday, 24 May 2010

The LGBT Alternative

I had an interesting exchange with Gary McLachlan the other day on Twitter over his rejection of the label 'LGBT'. He makes a compelling argument for the use of the term MSGI. Check out his blog for more (and to find out what MSGI stands for if you don't know). Read it here.

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penwing said...

Sorry, MSGI sounds like management babble aimed at marginalising. But I agree that LGBT/GLBT is bad - I have blogged on a few occassions why I dislike LGBT (see for example: - it's divides up a community which should be united, it excludes people who don't define into one of the categories.

I personally prefer Queer but I know that makes people uncomfortable and others don't like its expansion from the politicised academic meaning of queer (I know I read something about that somewhere...) - it took me a few years and experiences to become comfortable with it, and still usually fall back on "gay" as being easier to explain.

But Yeah, MSGI - boo!

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DebBlog said...

I generally use queer myself too - this is for my thesis, as a generalised concept. I needed something that included the inter-sexed individuals who also suffer human rights violations, but who would generally not self-identify as queer. Most transexuals (post and pre-op) also do not identify as queer, and International Law would not recognise the term at all.

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