Sunday, 6 June 2010

Catching Up

I'm sorry I've not posted anything for a little while. It's all go isn't it? Obviously, I was preparing for Chicago when I last posted. Wonderful conference in a brilliant city - and I was blessed with lovely hot weather whilst there. As I say, good conference, lots of interesting papers and managed to see quite a bit of the city too. Stopped by the Leather Archives and Museum - about a 30min ride out of the centre on the "L". Worth a visit but don't expect to need that long there -it's relatively small and I thought the displays too text based. That said, I did learn something and would recommend it to others. Also managed to pop along to the International Mr Leather (IML) market with a straight colleague who was also at the LSA conference. Well, talk about interesting! Typically, my straight colleague was the eye candy and I was just cast as a slutty bottom (literally I was greeted with "if you'd like to check the cum in your arse in over there"). Meanwhile, my straight friend and colleague was told he was wearing too many clothes and should strip off given his hot bod. Story of my life. We also watched a bit of 3D porn, which as I've already tweeted didn't seem to work. It was a bit of a culture shock to return to an academic environment after that I can tell you.

IML 2010 was significant for crowning a disabled trans man as its winner. Tyler McCormick can be seen winning in the video below. Lance Holman, Mr San Francisco Leather, took first runner-up, and Jack Andrew Duke, Mr. Texas Leather, took second runner-up.

Meanwhile, back in blighty, poor old David Laws got himself into a bit of bother. A talented Minister, his loss was undoubtedly a blow for the coalition and although I think he had to resign politically, I don't think he did anything that wrong - in fact had he applied the rules people wanted him to, he would have cost the taxpayer more so go figure. Those like the former labour minister (and out gay man) Ben Bradshaw who criticised Laws for being closeted in the modern world just didn't "get it". Public figures still have families and personal circumstances that conspire to ensure they remain in the closet. In the circumstances, it would have been nice if Bradshaw had been a little more supportive of Laws at what is no-doubt a painful and difficult time.

I think there's more to the Laws story than has been in the press- particularly regarding the nature of the relationship and that alone may prevent Laws - clearly a deeply private individual - from returning to public life despite all the predictions that he will. Time will tell.

The other event I missed out on was of course Eurovision. The campest event that unites homosexuals around Europe. It's like a giant Europe wide Pride sing-a-long. I've just watched it thanks to Sky plus and thought Germany a worthy winner but I adored Iceland and Moldova. I've embedded them below - gosh I do spoil you.

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garymclachlan said...

With you for the vast majority of that, except for the Eurovision.

Ick! that is definitely a part of collective identity I do not subscribe to - I loathe that annual festival of the talentless and desparate!

Law & Sexuality said...

lol. I do love a bit of Eurovision. Have you been to the Archive/Museum and/or IML?

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