Monday, 17 May 2010

Sex Matters and Free Speech

I've previously flagged up the wonderful blog by Jane Fae detailing her transition. It is compelling reading. Jane has launched another blog this month on 'sex matters'. Jane sets out her aims in detail writing:

'Here is somewhere very different. Its about the issues that take my fancy and, since i write a lot about sex and sexuality, its about my take on what is in the news today concerning those matters.

A bit political. A bit radical. I’ll be talking about the law and politics. Censorship. Prudery. And since i will be writing about the government’s response to all these things, i suspect there will be a load of hypocrisy documented here, too.

Topics are likely to include sex and sexualities. The politics of identity. Orientation. Sex work. Disorderly conduct. Writing and Art. Kink. Sado-masochism, swinging and polyamory.

Oh. But if you are here for a quick thrill, you will probably be disappointed. That is the one thing i am not going to be doing. As it says on the label: sex matters – and this blog is about matters sexual.'

Fae is a brilliant writer and I'm confident the blog will be a fantastic source for information and debate. Today, Jane takes on the Dale McAlpine case (the homophobic street preacher) and the decision by the CPS to drop the case following Peter Tatchell speaking out in favour of McAlpine and his freedom of speech. Jane expresses her relief at the decision and puts forward an argument for freedom of speech over political correctness. I've long stated my concern about laws that seek to limit freedom of expression or act as 'thought police' and so I'm one with Fae on this. Check out her new blog here.

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