Sunday, 6 June 2010

Constructing the Family

Another interesting post from Gary McLachlan on his blog - this time about the family. Check it out here. I broadly agree with his thoughts although I think family is an even more fluid concept that McLachlan suggests. I would suggest that our construction of identity shifts as our own emphasis of 'who' we are shifts - thus in moments of personal crisis - our conception of family can shift from one minute to the next. It is a constantly flowing river with eddies, rapids and falls.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully the queer theory section of the thesis will reflect the fluid state better - I'm limited in my conclusions at the moment by source material...

I like what Cavarero has done with Arendt, but I'm trying to advance Arendt no further than that - it would be stretching her classical theoretical stance to suddenly strip all of her limitations from how she defines action, work and labour and what effect they have in the public/private spheres.

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