Saturday, 19 June 2010

Rentboy, Scissor Sisters and the Unmentionable Arse

Pink News (which also has a new logo) is reporting on the latest publicity coup by Scissor Sisters and their front man Jake Shears. He is using a profile on the rentboy website - a site (as the name might suggest) for male escorts or 'rent boys' (119 escorts in the UK - almost all in London).

Amazingly, the story doesn't mention the fact that Shears profile on the site features as it's first pic a teasing photograph of Shears' arse. I'm waiting for the first cock-shot album advertisement - or maybe it's already been done? On the question of 'safe sex', Shears plays it safe in every sense and responds 'always safe'. He doesn't complete the cock size or position options so don't get too excited folks. The profile links through to the album - which I hear is very good and will no doubt be downloading myself at some point.

I'm curious to see how this story gets picked up -will it be treated in the same way as if a female X-Factor winner set up a fake sex-worker online profile to market an album? I suspect not.

Shears also gives a brilliant interview in the latest issue of Attitude which is well worth checking out if you've not seen it.

Read the full story on the profile at Pink News here.

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