Thursday, 17 June 2010

Endings and Beginnings

Well the archive work is going well although it was a little packed with researchers today. I freely confess one researcher distracted me for all the wrong reasons. His tight denim shorts revealed that he wasn't so much in possession of a trouser snake as being engaged in a remake of Anaconda..but anyway...on to more cerebral thoughts.

It' a day of endings and possible beginnings. Here in San Francisco, the California Supreme Court heard the closing arguments in the Perry case. I've seen some of the protests on the news but when I headed over to the Supreme Court this afternoon it was just a scene of satellite trucks. I didn't see a single campaigner - except an ACLU guy down on Market Street near Abercrombie & Fitch. Maybe it was just bad timing but I thought the city would be buzzing with it. It wasn't. Yesterday I was stopped by someone from Equality California - a group that does some great work. I cut him off saying I buy the Prop 8 argument, he doesn't need to explain it, just tell me what he wants, and I'll see if I can help. On he went with his script (which annoyed me greatly) and then he asked me for my credit card to pay $150. They must be mad or am I under-estimating the wealth and generosity of people walking the streets?

Meanwhile, back in the UK, Home Secretary Teresa May (she of star trek suit and extensive shoe collection fame - not to be confused with Imelda Marcos) has made an announcement on the coalition government's LGBT legal agenda. It was in the coalition agreement so I'm a bit puzzled by the re-announcement but let's roll with it. The full story can be viewed on the Pink news site here.

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