Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Fetish Week London

Today sees the start of Fetish Week London. An electronic programme of events can be viewed here. Well done to Recon who seem to be the drivers of this, the first Fetish Week London. The official website can be viewed here. According to the site, 'there is something for everyone at Fetish Week London' and the event is targeted at we 'guys with a fetish for: leather, rubber, punks, skinheads, uniform and army gear, leather muscle, bondage, sports gear plus any other kind of fetish gear that you can think of!'

Whilst an obvious commercial endeavour, it will be interesting to see how it further secures fetish identities. They have become much more visible in the last decade or so, and to engage in some form of kink behaviour is more acceptable (e.g handcuffs) but other forms of fetish seem a long way off mainstream social acceptability (e.g puppy play, piss play etc). The recent violent porn ban is a reminder of how the law continues to problemtise kink and fetish identities.

I'd be really interested in hearing feedback from anyone who does go along to any of the events.

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