Monday, 19 July 2010

The Secret Life of a Pornstar

I've been quite interested in the idea of the private life of the porn star for some time - or to be more precise, the projection of the private as part of their commodatised identitity. The way that blogs/twitter etc are used as a way to construct identity. Others have written on this area and I suspect I'll be a few more months working on my stuff. Anyhow, as The Sword (NSFW) has revealed, Brent Corrigan (all round busy bee) has now started vlogging. Take a look below. Corrigan is a major player in the gay porn industry, with an already established high profile as the ultimate porn 'good gay'. Personally, if he wasn't so hot, I'd find him very very irritating. Then again, I do have a weakness for the whole cheeky chappy thing he's got going on.

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