Friday, 20 August 2010

Decline of the Civil Partnership?

The Pink Paper carries the story today that there has been a 12% year on year decrease in the number of civil partnerships and an increase in the number of civil partnership dissolutions. The piece also goes on to report that there have been 40,237 same-sex unions since their launch in 2005. The story is derived from a piece in the Independent which can be viewed here.

Read the full Pink Paper story here. Pink News also covered the stats yesterday with a slightly more positive spin. See their take on things here.

I don't think anyone can say with certainty what is motivating a drop in the number of new civil partnerships (although there was an increase in northern Ireland) but novelty wearing off will no doubt be cited as a reason. I suspect the economy is actually a factor - as with heterosexual marriage but more importantly, the fall probably reflects an easing of built up 'demand'. Those who've waited years to enter in a civil partnership have done so, and thus you would expect figures to start to settle down (with some economic variability). It will be interesting to see how the figures pan out over the next five years.

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