Friday, 20 August 2010

Julie Bindel on Facial Hair

Julie Bindel has written a rather funny and engaging piece in the Guardian's G2 today. She looks at the issue of women's facial hair, revealing that she has 'a particular terror of fuzz appearing on my face' and is fairly open about the contradiction of this position with that of her general no makeup rule. Of course, many of us have contradictions in our views (I certainly do) but it's nice when people are honest in this way. She highlights the efforts of the Hairy Awarey campaign (fab name) which seeks to tackle the social assumption that women's bodies should be hairless. Read more on that campaign here.

She also tackles a subject that remains so very taboo and the broader issue of body hair is one that icnreasingly affects men as well as women. It seems to me that men, particularly gay men, are increasingly under pressures to conform to a specific identity and body hair is an impotant feature. The 'bear' is all about the possession of body hair (and often facial hair too) whilst the twink is the opposite. More and more men also seem conscious of pubic trimming or total shaving of their nether regions. A subject that rather like women's facial hair we tend to avoid as a society.

Read the Bindel piece here.

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