Sunday, 26 September 2010

Did Anyone Notice the Lesbians?

I'm acutely conscious that I never devote enough stores to lesbian audiences. I try but I know I'm just not good enough. However, it seems I'm not the only one. The fabulous webzine Lesbilicious reported earlier in the week on the marriage between Kelly McGillis (of Top Gun fame) "marrying" her partner in a civil union in New Jersey. The story also has a pic from the ceremony. It left me wondering - given the recent civil partnership of Mary Portas (Queen of Shops fame) also seemed to pass fairly quietly, why do we barely notice these Lesbian events? If it's a famous gay male celeb it's all over the place but Lesbian life events seem comparatively under-reported. Maybe this is just down to my perception of a gay man? What's your opinion?

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Sean Hennelly said...

This might just be my perception too, and one that I can't really support, but it seems to be that lesbian stories/issues are under-reported in the press too. You often read about gay men in various forms (whether it's a civil partnership, public sex etc), but I don't often notice stories relating to lesbians. I wonder what the reason for this is..(perhaps there is an article there). Maybe on some level the press (and tabloids in particular) find that gay male issues provide more scope for controversy etc. I don't know...

Sam Steel said...

There seems to be more interest in gay men and I believe that is because people associate gay people with fun and entertainment from the way the media portray them. Lesbians are shown as a sexual fantasy more often than not which could be offensive to some people and so they generate less interest. Unfortunately most people make assumptions based on how groups are shown on TV etc

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