Sunday, 26 September 2010

Welcome (Back)

Freshers last week signaled the imminent return of teaching which kicks off this week with the re-commencement of Law and Sexuality on the final year of Sunderland's law degree. This blog was always intended primarily for them but it found a wider audience and developed accordingly. To those students reading this blog for the first time, welcome. Use the links, use the search box to find a wealth of videos and linked material that should be of use in workshop prep and with the assignments.

I'm also acutely aware from the lovely emails I get each year that you may well be someone studying a law and sexuality course somewhere else -either at another UK higher education institution or somewhere else in the world - you are equally welcome and whatever group you fall into, I would encourage you to comment on posts (just click 'comment' at the end of a post) and feel free to tweet me @lawandsexuality or email me at

It's always great to hear from all the other readers out there too whether fellow academics, activists or just folks interested in the stories and material on here - along with those who Googled "bareback porn" and thought they were in for a good wank and were instead faced with my meandering thoughts - sorry about that guys. Thanks for stopping by.

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