Thursday, 4 November 2010

Same-Sex Marriage Backlash Continues

The liberal minded had little consolation in the US mid-term elections earlier in the week. The defeat of Republican Meg Whitman (who spent around $160 million of her own money on the race) by the veteran Democrat, Jerry Brown in California was a rare positive on a gloomy night for Democrats. In Illinois the electorate further struck out against all things liberal and booted out of office three Iowa Supreme Court Justices who had been part of the unanimous decision to legalize same-sex marriage in the state. Read the full New York Times story here.

When the judiciary becomes politicised, gay rights activists and attorneys can't think (as many do argue in the US) that in the absence of clear pathways to reform in the political process, they can count on the judiciary. The Right are striking back on that front too and those seeking a more open, tolerant and equal society - whatever their political badge - need to wake up and take on this assault on freedom. Gay rights activists may find themselves fighting the clock being turned back rather than promoting further advances. These are worrying times.

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