Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mothers Day

Mothers Day is a curious day. It's being celebrated today in the UK and it positions women as the bearers of children, and as appreciative of a limited series of gifts - flowers, chocolates and perfume. After all, that's what all mothers want right? We don't see newspaper and television ads for drills and gadgets. Of course, mothers might be appreciative of a decent vibrator but that's still off limits for most people in our culture (despite Pat Califia's optimistic hopes for such gift-giving in the 1980s). I've opted for Lush gifts and perfume (I was directed as to what perfume).

So, it's probably worth taking some time amidst this motherhood euphoria to look at women in roles beyond some Nigella-esqe yummy mummy ideal. On Friday, the Guardian explored the Cabinet of Spain's prime minister José Zapatero. His government has nine women in cabinet. Zoe Williams asked if it has made a difference. Read that story in full here.

It's also worth reading a short piece from the same day exploring the suffragettes response to the census in 1911. Check that out here.

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