Monday, 4 April 2011

HIV and the Law: An Activism Opportunity

Edwin Bernard's HIV blog reveals that following on from last month's suspension of Denmark's HIV-specific criminal law, advocates are now working hard to persuade the Government's working group not to simply rework the law, but to abolish it altogether by avoiding singling out HIV.

He includes in his post a letter that people can add their name to achieve three core goals:
  • in congratulating the Ministers on their recent decision to suspend the Danish Penal Code that criminalises HIV exposure and transmission
  • to ensure that during the revision process the Danish Government takes into due consideration whether the particular section singling out HIV should exist in the Penal Code at all.
  • It is our hope that a successful revision of the Danish Penal Code will allow for other countries to follow suit.
If your organization wishes to endorse the letter (which you can read here), please send an email to and include the NAME OF YOUR ORGANISATION and COUNTRY before 29th April 2011.

I'll be forwarding my name as a signatory. I hope you will too.

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