Sunday, 24 July 2011

Champagne Celebrations US Style

Hurrah! Mucho excitement in the US this week with today seeing lines of people forming in New York to be among the first to marry. These new found rights inevitably bring to the fore those who've long wanted to be married, along with the political activists wanting to exercise their rights. The cynic in me think that it probably also includes a couple of excitable types who want to be on telly but that's a cynical old queen for you. Read more/see pics on The Advocate website here.

This week also saw the final hurdle to the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Hell removed as Obama signed the repeal certification -that the US armed forces were ready. Yes, America's gay men and women can join their straight counterparts in fighting illegal and counter-productive wars in far away lands. Champagne corks all round!

Seriously though, these developments do mark a significant transformation in the legal status of many lesbian, gay and bisexual lives. These are huge steps for a country that appears increasingly right-wing and Christian-phile. These are important rights, long fought-far and rightly won.

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