Sunday, 24 July 2011

Jessy Karson and Be the Cure

Now here's a funny thing, Jessy Karson, who blogs here and tweets here has a new video out. The Montreal 'porn star' (who I freely confess turns me weak at the knees) started out as a twinky bottom and turned into a top (boo). The hung like a donkey performer is still listed on the website of bareback porn company, Treasure Island Media, as an 'exclusive model' having featured in a couple of their films (see here). He also still has a Facebook page with the company which you can view here.

All of which is fine and dandy except that his new film (which you can view below) is Jessy advising on hooking up online. The video is part of a series produced by 'Be the Cure', which sounds positively 'Gandian' in philosophy. The Iowa based group is an AIDS prevention group with the slogan; 'safe sex starts here'. For Karson it certainly does as that's not the message his bareback TIM fucking seemed to suggest (and boy did he fuck).

Karson's blog doesn't suggest any remaining TIM ties but this does seem something of a hypocritical position. Bareback porn performer turned safe-sex salesman with not even a public 'remorse' moment. Does this reflect a shift in position, or just saying a line for cash? More importantly, what does this say about the AIDS charity? Did they know who he was? Just what is going on here?

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