Monday, 4 July 2011

Links: Help Wanted!

Before the start of the next academic year, I aim to tidy up my links. Some are broke and there's now that many that it would help to organise them into categories. I'd really welcome any suggestions for new links that I should include on the blog. I've also long debated having a not safe for work (NSFW) list of links too. What do you think? There are sites that can be interesting/useful but which also display explicit material so it seems sensible to me provided they are clearly labelled as NSFW.

Seeing as the only people likely to be reading this are the loyal few, can I also remind you of my offer/request for 'guest posts' that I can pop up over the summer while I'm busy with other projects? You may have noticed a fantastic Mark Simpson interview piece by Quiet Riot Girl. Check it out here.

All offers/link suggestions to


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