Friday, 2 September 2011

Call for Papers: LES Online - Digital Journal on Lesbian Issues

Readers may be interested in the following call for papers:

Economic crisis, gender and sexuality: inequalities, challenges and coping strategies

Submissions deadline: December, 4th

LES Online is a digital journal that aims to contribute to the study of lesbian issues and to promote lesbian equal opportunities and civil rights. Published semi-annually by LES – Discussion group on lesbian issues (, this international publication aims to promote studies and scientific research as well as intervention projects and opinion pieces related to different aspects of lesbian issues. 

LES Online welcomes academics, practitioners, and researchers interested in studies that incorporate lesbian issues to submit articles. This is a multi-language publication. Papers may be presented in Portuguese, Spanish, English or French.

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Elly said...

LES?? I wish they'd gone the whole way and called it 'lezzer'!

I wonder what 'lesbian issues' are. The only ones I can think of are turkey basting, and strap on sex and lesbians' use of cock-shaped dildos, oh and the ridiculousness of Butch/Femme.

But then those are issues for many people.

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