Friday, 2 September 2011

New Term = New Start

According to the Lesbian and Gay Foundation, nearly two thirds of lesbian, gay and bisexual young people report being bullied at school. Their Enough is Enough! campaign is determined to change this and make schools safer for all pupils.

As many schools gear up for the return of pupils in the next week, they are trying to get as many Enough is Enough! Safer Schools Packs into UK schools as possible.  The packs are designed to help schools challenge homophobic bullying and support lesbian, gay and bisexual young people. So far over 300 Safer Schools Packs have been donated.

You can donate to the campaign, enabling them to send out more packs here.

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Graeme said...

You can perhaps guess where I'm going to point a little error with the use of the word UK there.

Off topic but it's a bit of pet hate of mine.

Chris Ashford said...

Hopefully now corrected (about the return of schools). The scheme is targeted at 'UK schools' so the remaining reference is correct.

Anonymous said...

All aspects of sexuality are subjected to bullying. Just last week, the Daily Mail, tried to get a teacher fired, because of their choice of a second job as a male stripper.

The General Teaching Council (GTC) bullied the teacher by reprimanding him for his "bad behavior".

I wonder whether the GTC members are also subject to "good behavior", and never get drunk, use bad language, get caught speeding... or bully people.

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