Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Indy Pink List

Any list will always be criticised, and will never achieve 'perfection'.  Nonetheless, they offer a barometer of who appears to be making an impact among those that the media deem worthy judges of such things.  It's a sort of slightly more straight-forward REF (one for the academics).  Anyhow, the Independent on Sunday has published their annual pink list today and it makes for an interesting read.  It seems slightly more diverse than previous names, featuring people that you might not be instantly familiar with - less celebrity focused and more activist focused.  I like it.

The list can be viewed in full here, and the number 1 slot is taken by Elly Barnes - music teacher, trainer and diversity officer.  Interesting Terence Etherton is once more in the list (Lord Justice Etherton) at 26, and Daniel Winterfeldt is a new entry at 90.  Winterfeldt is of the Interlaw Diversity Forum for LGBT Networks, a forum for the legal sector with more than 1,000 members and supporters from 70 law firms and 40 corporates and financial institutions.  Quite why he made it on his own is a bit of a mystery to me (given he is 'co' chair and 'co' founder).

After a decade of tremendous change to the socio-legal landscape of 'gay' rights in the UK, it i striking that so few legal figures still feature on the list.

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Elly said...

They say it is a list of the most 'influential' LGBT people but it's not really it is a list of the most media-friendly gay people (and as you say a few activists).

I saw some trans people on twitter complaining of lack of representation - especially of trans men. But I thought why would you want to be on this list?

I also don't like the idea of the 'friends' of gay people being on the list e.g. Suzanne Moore. She has some gay friends but apart from that what is her role in LGBT politics? They might as well have had a fag hag section!

Elly said...

I'm glad someone called Elly won the top spot though!

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