Friday, 28 October 2011

Yates Murder and a Predictable Rant

The news broke this evening that Vincent Tabak has been found guilty of murdering 25 year old Jo Yates.  The case had, we are told, a sexual dimension but it was Tabak's use of porn - which was not admissible in the case - that has set the twitter and blogging world alight.  Julie Bindel  - the ever controversial feminist was quick (amazingly so - almost as if it was pre-written) to get her copy in to the Guardian.  She has written a piece which - for me at least - is pretty much astonishing in its ill-thought out proposals and analysis.  It is based on misunderstandings and misapprehensions and these are dealt with in the extensive comments to her post that have already appeared.  Rather than repeat them here, read her piece, read the comments and decide for yourself.

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Elly said...

I read half of that article then I stopped because it was too vile.

I will force myself to return to it and Graunwatch it tomorrow.

What a nasty piece of work she is.

Sean Hennelly said...

Oh dear, I thought I'd slipped into the Daily Mail.

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