Thursday, 24 November 2011

After Equality

Apologies for the shameless plugging but you might be interested in a piece I've had posted at the Huffington Post.  It was written a month ago and other writers - Suzanne Moore and Mark Simpson for example - have since tackled the same issue but this does try to knit together the debate on both sides of the Atlantic and ever brings my own unique approach (*cough*) to the subject of where now for equality law.  Check it out here.  Do please also feel free to post a comment on the original post.

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Elly said...

Great post Chris.

Mark Simpson's on the topic is here:

I do agree with the commenter at Huffpo who said you seem to have suggested 'homosexuals' are men, by talking about bareback sex and public sex.

Also it ignores bisexual people.

And, as I said on the Occupy my Throat piece, this vying for 'space' is often riddled with class/ethnicity issues. Places like Canal St are so white middle class. And the occupy spaces seem to be too.

Chris Ashford said...

Thanks Elly - I've tried to elaborate in the comments section in response to specific questions.

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