Sunday, 1 January 2012

Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend

WolvesPervs blog carries a fascinating piece about Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend (CLAW), an event I - and I suspect many others  - are not familiar with. He explains that: 'CLAW is a non-profit convention held in, as the name would suggest, Cleveland (Ohio, USA) every year for the past ten years, the 2012 event is the eleventh. CLAW 10 attracted over 1,250 people from 34 US States and Canada - it's not very well known outside the US Leather scene, hence I suspect the interest and curiosity in my attending.'

Interesting, he also explains it int elation to better known events such as International Mr Leather, Folsom, and the leather scene in the UK.  It's a compelling piece and although you'll have to go through the blogger 'adult warning', the page I'm sending you to (should) have nothing scary/naughty so you should be safe clicking through.

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