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Happy New Year: I'm Ready For My Close-Up

Happy New Year! As the hangovers clear we no doubt begin those new healthy lifestyles, stock up on fruit and veg, and buy those gym memberships.  I've been struck by the number of people on twitter (it perhaps reflects who I follow) who are aiming for 'more' or 'better' sex in 2012.  Well, why not?

Of course, at a time when our economy continues to ever more resemble the shape of that noble fruit, the pear, income is also a factor.  So, what about porn?

Whilst various studios have something vague on their site or a simple email, my source of continued fascination - Treasure Island Media (TIM) - the San Francisco based bareback porn company has a more detailed application section.

TIM have slightly different forms dependent upon whether you are in North America, the UK/Europe or the rest of the world.  The US and 'the rest of the world' both have an online form and the UK/Europe one is a bit more 'open' with a series of questions and instructions on how to proceed.

It requires applicant to 'Put one of the FOLLOWING CATEGORIES in the subject line of your e-mail' and then helpfully asks you to categorise yourself:
SOLO / NEWBIE ( You haven't done porn before. Do you love to jack off and get watched? Do you use toys when you whack off? )
SELFSUCK ( You suck your own dick and swallow your own load. )
COCKSUCKING TOP / BOTTOM ( You live to swallow loads. Or you live to shoot your loads down the throat of a hungry man. You spend half your life at the local gloryhole. )
FUCKING TOP / BOTTOM ( You live to get fucked raw by men. Or you live to shoot a load deep inside a hot willing ass. )
TOTAL WHORE ( "You name it, Paul, and I'll do it." )
MUSCLE GOD ( You love being admired and worshiped for your incredible body. )
PHALLIC GOD ( You have the biggest cock of anyone you know — and you want to show it off. ) SPECIAL PROPOSAL (You don't fit any of these categories, but you have a particularly fucked-up idea for a video. )

Applicant are also asked to:

• Tell us your age and location.
• Include a description of what you love to do sexually. Be as accurate and honest as possible.
• Attach pics of yourself — front and back nudes, with face and a hard-on. Include dates the pics were taken. We'll take it from there !

So there you go.  In the US, more info about HIVSTDs and even if you take Viagra is requested up front, along with if you're willing to engage in bareback sex with those of a different HIV status to your own.  Applicants are not asked to define themselves in the same way as in Europe.  The initial questions consist of (I've sometimes used square brackets to add info for clarification):

*Your First & Last name:
*e-mail address:
*Main Phone Number (area code first): Be discreet? yes no
*Street Address:
*Postal Code:
*date of birth (mm/dd/year):
Cock Size: Cut/Uncut:
Height (in feet & inches):
Weight (in pounds):
Hair Color/Style:
Eye Color:
Body Type: I identify as: [race categories]
* HIV Status:
* Last Test Date (if neg):
* Hepatitis:
* Last Test Date (if neg):
* Do you have any current health problems or STDs?:
* Are you taking any prescription medication?: * Do you use recreational drugs?: (indicate type and frequency)
Which male enhancers do you use?: [eg Viagra]

Next, you're asked to complete a sexual preference grid.  Against a series of sexual preferences yoga re asked to select 'top', 'bottom', 'versatile' or 'none for me'.  I love the 'none for me category' - it sounds oddly cute.  The sexual preferences consist of: fucking, sucking, piss play, nipple play, felting, fist fucking, rimming, S&M.

Then, 'overall I'd consider myself: [top etc]' which I think is the closest this form gets to the European style 'describe yourself' by category.

Then we have open boxes:

What type of person do you go for?
What turns you off in a partner?
Tell us about one of your fantasies:

What sex toys do you use?
 Cock Rings
 Butt Plugs/ Beads
 Bondage Eqp.
 Nipple Clamps
 Cock Pumps
 Catheters/ Sounds

Then, do you perform bareback sex - yes or no are the options.

Are you comfortable engaging in sex acts with partners
who may have a different HIV status than yourself?
Anal: yes
Oral: yes

We then have the final set of open style questions:
What is your availability ?
*Stage Names/ Aliases: (Federal regulations require you to list all names you have ever used.)
*Prior Porn Modeling or Escort Work:
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?
How did you hear about us?

The full form can be viewed here.

Growing economic pressures will no doubt lead many to consider pornography in 2012, whether in the form of a studio such as TIM or at the opposite end, masturbating on camera for a few dollars on cam4 or getting a small payment via Paypal to perform on Skype.  Sex work and pornography combining in a technological web of sex and economics.

The economics and market of pornography mean that many of those getting involved in pornography for the first time in 2012, or re-joining will be doing so via bareback studios or bareback films.  In doing so, there is inevitably a greater risk to their health and just as 2011 saw - in the US at least - attempts to tackle bareback porn, similar doomed ventures are no doubt likely to come forward in 2012.

There is the wider question of bareback sex and HIV transmission.  The law in the area continues to gradually develop, and for many jurisdictions the law is developing along a criminalisation route.  It will be interesting to see how that develops further in 2012 and whether there will be any impact upon the growing number of men using social media to share their love of bareback sex, and to connect with similar minded guys - for example through the bareback brotherhood network.  Bareback sites such as BarebackRT (NSFW) also continue to grow suggesting something quite significant is happening within gay culture.  Perhaps we'll understand this phenomenon a little more in the months that follow.

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Elly said...

that seems very male oriented Chris. Remember you have women and trans readers too!

Some of us don't even have cocks.

Chris Ashford said...

Thanks Elly. There is always going to be that bias by the nature of who I am. However, I do post on other identities but I've never encountered someone saying "hey, what about the men". Sometimes I'll be male orientated, sometimes not. I think you've got to judge the whole package not just one post.

Elly said...

I do. I read your whole blog. And yes I did say what about the men in the sex work post, in relation to men who are clients of sex workers.

Fine. This can be a gay blog when it comes to 'fun' sex if you want.

and I have said the same to Mr Simpson and pissed him off too. But if you don't want to be typecast as gaylords, you'll have to consider my points.

Elly said...

sorry that was a bit harsh sounding.

I do think when you talk about porn and sex you should be careful not to use 'gay' or 'men' to generalise about everyone. But well, it's your blog.

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