Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Definitive guide to costs of gender re-assignment

Here's a really wonderful resource for all those interested in transitioning.  Jane Fae has released a definitive guide to the costs of gender re-assignment in the UK. This is published in part as a response to a growing spate of news stories that get these costs (very) wrong - often by quite significant multiples, and was compiled in consultation with some of the leading clinical experts in the UK on these issues.

She notes on her blog that for the vast majority of MtF trans people seeking treatment, who do not undergo surgery, the overall cost to the NHS is unlikely to exceed £1,000 over the person’s lifetime. For those who do go on to seek surgery, the cost to the NHS is likely to be around £2,500 in respect of hormone and endocrine intervention and around a further £11,000 for the surgery (both figures aggregated over a twenty year period). The corresponding figures for FtM transition are £15,000 and £50,000, due to the generally more complex nature of procedure involved. However, the typical figure for the latter group is likely to be much closer to £20,000.

You can read more on Jane's blog and download the full report directly from there.

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