Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Journal Alert: Sprinkle

Readers may be interested to learn that volume 4 of Sprinkle: A journal of sexual diversity studies is now available.

It's freely available and can be accessed here: 

Sprinkle is a peer-reviewed undergraduate Sexual Diversity Studies journal originally conceived in 2007. This guest edited volume showcases a number of interesting articles on topics such as queering the Quinceanera (The Rule of the Role), a critical analysis of Madonna’s Vogue (Redux as Redefinition), a piece on Judy Garland, as well as an article on “Femme-ism”.

Table of Contents 

4 Guest Editorial
Andrew Anastasia and Mel Freitag

6 Growing Sprinkle: Notes on expanding an undergraduate student journal
Elizabeth J. Meyer

I am, therefore I resist: Identity as activism

9 Identity Politics and/or Queer Theory
Allison Brinkhorst

16 Femmeism: A Jersey Girl Manifesto
Cyree Johnson

23 The Rule of the Role
Kelly Kuerzi

And it all falls down: Queering schools and communities 

29 Teachers as Mediators of Social Construction: Heteronormativity
Emily Ritenberg

36 Impacts of Gay-Straight Alliances and Considerations for their Members
Cory Dawson

47 The Dispersal of Queer Populations: Gentrification and Community Formation
Kathryn Van Meyl

“Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore”: Cultural studies

60 The Redux as Redefinition
Justin Raphael Roykovich

73 Flawed by popular design
Kelly Kuerzi

80 Understanding “Friends of Dorothy”: Gay men and Judy Garland reverence
Scott Leydon

90 Acknowledgements
Elizabeth J. Meyer

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