Wednesday, 23 April 2008

London Mayor

Much of the UK goes to the polls next week in our local elections. In London this includes the race for mayor. The election was recently covered in The New Yorker and last Sunday, The Sunday Times did a piece following Ken Livingstone as he had a slightly odd campaigning trip to Soho in London which included going into the gay nightclub Heaven and an encounter with a Labour MP in the Gaydar club. Well you can also view a recent hustings that Stonewall organised via YouTube. Pink News have pulled them together and they can be viewed at:

International viewers may wish to take a seat before viewing the phenomenon that is Boris Johnson. Pink News have also put up a clip of Johnson being questioned by the Pink NeWS editor on his gay rights positions. I'm rather fond of the collective "oooo" moment. lol.

That said, I do think they are a little too harsh and seem unable to listen to his answer. Whilst Boris has made some worrying comments I think that the record of Livingstone (particularly in light of the Sunday Times piece) needs much more analysis and his positions seem out of date. The focus off the panel on section 28 is another example of gay rights campaigners dealing with the battles of twenty years ago rather than the issues that face us today.

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