Sunday, 20 January 2013

Chemical Castration and the Quest for 'Normalcy'

The Guardian magazine carried a rather interesting feature by Decca Aitkenhead yesterday, exploring the issue of chemical castration among sex offenders.  All those interviewed were men  -although they weren't all paedophiles.  It's fairly balanced and explores the issues surrounding chemical castration.  Rather like the piece, I don't have any firm conclusions as to the appropriate course of action in this area.  I do however think it's important to start by asking the 'right' question.

The Governor of Whatton does seem to be on the right tracks when she says:  "We're trying to stop the people we lock up from doing this again.  That's the key thing for me.  The majority of them will get out and will possibly be living next door to you or me.'

The logic of this position is therefore not 'what is the best form of retribution', but what dow e need to do, to ensure this individual is less likely to re-offend given they will be once again in our communities.    I'm not sure what the answer is, but that's surely the right question.

Check out the full piece here.

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Unknown said...

The term "chemical castration" is misleading. It just means that offenders are required to take hormonal agents to suppress their sexual urges. The drugs only work if the offender takes them.

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