Thursday, 14 May 2009

Eurovision Zoolander Dance Off

Paddy O'Connell warning viewers about a 'green gimp' coming can only be the Eurovision semi final and the Albania entry. I have been tweeting my way through the contest but twitter has just died (grrrr!) so I thought I'd update this blog with more Eurovision randomness which I promised earlier in the week. So far tonight we've heard Greece and Hungary which brought to mind the need for a Zoolander style dance off (gutted can't find a clip on YouTube). If there were points for sheer campness Hungary would surely win but Greece would give him a run for his money. Sadly, can't put tonight's performances on yet but here are some previous performances - gives you a feel (so to speak):



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Law & Sexuality said...

OMG and then the Netherlands

Law & Sexuality said...

Wow, bit scary but Greece made it through and they have got to be in with a good chance on Saturday. Hungary didn't make it so no more campery from them.

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